Leaders in revolutionized Micro Financial solutions

About Elite Group

Elite Group has been a pioneer in the Micro Financial industry within South Africa. The company operates on a nationwide basis (Walk-in Front offices), with the head office, Call Centre and Collections department based in Horizon view, Gauteng. The company has been operating in the Credit Provision industry since 1998. Elite was instrumental in the establishment of MFSA (Micro Finance South Africa) and complies with all the rules and regulations of the NCR (National Credit Regulator).

In early 2000 the company was revolutionized to make provision for micro finance products through a centralized processing centre, providing loans to qualifying clients at the press of a button.

In August 2007, Elite decided to sell shares to African Dawn Capital limited. With this merger Elite and Afdawn ensured that the business will grow into one of the largest Micro Financier in South Africa.

The company through its passionate and dedicated staff managed to secure new markets, targeting corporate and SMLE Companies and secure payroll deductions for its loan products.

Elite has positioned itself perfectly through an extensive pipe-line that is constantly growing, state of the art technology and service excellence that will ensure continuous quantum leaps in the industry.