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Our Language Policy

Section 63(1) of the National Credit Act, Act 34 of 2005 ("the Act") states that “a consumer has a right to receive any document that is required in terms of the Act in an official language that the consumer reads or understands, to the extent that is reasonable having regard to usage, practicality, expense, regional circumstances and the balance of the needs and preferences of the population ordinarily served by the person required to deliver that document”.

Elite Group (Pty) Ltd as a registered credit provider , is required, as a condition of its registration requirements, to have a language policy in place as per section 63(1) of the National Credit Act.

Our Language Set

Elite Group undertakes to provide support to the customer as required by the Act, with specific reference to Elite Group’s product offerings in one of the following 5 (five) official languages:

  • English
  • Afrikaans
  • isiZulu
  • isiXhosa
  • Sesotho

Support and documentation relating to specialist credit services, such as incremental loan facilities and business related products will generally only be available in English.

Certain niche products will be made available in English only, as a consequence of market segmentation and product complexity, for example, structured finance deals.

Our Documentation

Documentation in respect of the various products we offer to the public, will be available as follows:

  • Five official languages

    The following documentation are available on request in the five official languages:

    • Personal Loan agreements
    • Account related documentation

  • English

    Following documentation is only available in Enlgish:

    • Credit related insurance
    • Any debt collection and Legal documentation

  • Advertising and Media

    All marketing campaigns are predominantly done in English but could be available in one of the five official Languages.